Girl of 23, freelance marketer, always seeking for inspiration. Major topics, art, fashion, writing & lots of interesting stuff. Proudly Mexican from Ensenada, Baja California.

My quinceañera

You know how mexican girls are supposed to have a big ass celebration when they turn 15? Big party, even bigger dress, awesome expensive gifts, a dance with the old folks and stuff?

Well… Back then, I got a pair of Vans and an iPod Nano 1st generation. ‘Cause that’s how my family rolls…


Words of advice from The Wolf himself. 


This Wolf Mantra.
Too often I see fantastic creative people that have let themselves slip into a world where they let others define what is and isn’t creative. Often it is work that seems to define what productive creative is, puts artificial limits on how we express ourselves. Sometimes that is defined by client or by budget but very often it is creative people limiting themselves.

We should never let our job limit anything we do, our careers should enhance us, make us feel empowered. We work in a fantastic time, the world is bubbling with ideas and now more than ever the ability to make those ideas happen.

So if you fine yourself limited then step back and reconnect with what you define as creative. Then fine the role that allows you to be that.

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